Εlefthería Kómi is a Greek actress of film and stage, who works fluently in English, French and Greek.  She is also a writer of theatrical monologues, a seasoned choreographer, movement director and a professional neo-classical dancer.

Εlefthería is co-starring in Avril et Djam of Tony Gatlif, in Rules to Aquastop of Stas Ivanov, she's starring in Luton, directed by Michalis Konstantatos (Nominated Best Actress Debut, Awarded Best Directorial Debut – Athens International Film Festival 2014), premiering in September at the 61st Edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival. She has co-starred in Loafing and Camouflage: Sirens on the Rocks, directed by Nikos Perakis and starred in awarded short films in Greece and Paris (45 Degrées of Georgis GrigorakisVous êtes ici of Thomas Cailley).

Eleftheria has led in theatrical and dance theatre performances in Greece and in France, at the Anne Delbée Company, the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the PK Theatre, among others.  She also writes satirical pieces for musical shows and has managed choreography and actors' movement for theatre plays and Operas in Greece.

Εlefthería began her career as a professional dancer in the company of Béjart Ballet Lausanne (BBL), in Switzerland, appearing in tours of the company in Brazil, Canada and across Europe.  She has studied dance at the Atelier Rudra School of Maurice Béjart in Lausanne, theatre and performing arts in Paris and is also trained in script writing.

(Photo by Ari Bafalouka)

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