Εlefthería was a student of theatre under the direction of Richard Hahlo and Michel Duchaussoy, at the School Atelier Rudra Béjart Lausanne, before being selected by the Béjart Ballet Company.

After leaving the Béjart Ballet Company, she worked with the French theatre directors and writers, Anne Delbée and Henriette Chardak in Paris, where she studied and worked for seven years.

On returning to Greece, she worked in the National Theatre of Northern Greece and with other companies of theatre, music hall and dance theatre.

Nerolouloudo, 2017

musical tale of Tasos Rossopoulos and Yorgos Koropoulis, main actress, Music Academy of Nuremberg, Heilig-Geist-Hauses Nuremberg. 

anti-héroïque, 2017

theatrical monolgue written, directed and played by Eleftheria Komi in memorial of the children, victims of the war and presented during the year anniversary of the Cretan holocast of 1943, at Seli Amira of Viannos, in Crete. Violin : Ioannis Petrakis. Photos credits : Eleni Hatzidaki

Homage to Melina Mercouri, 2014

actress, singer, directed by Dimitris Daskas, Arcade Musique, Theatre of Val d’Yerres, Paris

The Romantic Yorgos Seferis, 2013

Maro (lead role), directed by Annie Loulou, Faust, Fournos Theatre Athens 2013

Impasse, 2012

 (actress lead role), dance theatre Migma, choreographed and directed by Pavlos Kourtidis, PK Theatre, Athens 2012

Homage to Yannis Ritsos, 2009

director and actress, Kondylakia Viannos, Komis Bar Theatre Athens 2009

Agamoi Thytai, 2009

actress, singer, dancer, writer, choreographer, Athens, Thessaloniki 2009 - 2010

Below stage workshop open doors, 2008

actress, directed by Stathis Livathinos, Peter Gothar, Nikos Diamantis, Glykeria Kalaitzi, National Theatre Of Northern Greece 2008

Homer’s Odyssey, 2007

narrator, Issue de Secours Company, Amiens, France 2007

Bonne Avec Chambre (Chambermaid with Bedroom),, 2007

Μαρία (πρωταγωνιστικός), σκηνοθεσία Henriette Chardak, Tremplin Τhéâtre, Παρίσι 2007

Berenice, 2004

(extracts), Berenice, Anne Delbée Company, directed by Anne Delbee, Atelier 13, Paris 2004

Metamorphosis, 2003

narrator, Company How Art’You, directed by Gwenaëlle Leyssieux, Café de la Danse, Paris 2003

100 years of Victor Hugo, 2003

Τα Ανατολικά (αποσπάσματα), Ομάδα Anne Delbée, σκηνοθεσία Anne Delbée, Παρίσι 2003

Lily and the Amber World, 2002

secret agent, street theatre, National Exposition of Switzerland Expo ’02, 2002


Before dancing with the Maurice Béjart Company of Dance Béjart Ballet Lausanne in Switzerland and on tour internationally (Switzerland, Belgium, France, London, Italy, Rumania, Basil), Elefthería studied dance in the School Fioraki in Heraklion, in the Studio Ballet, Colette Armand in Marseilles and in École Atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne.

In Greece, Elefthería was the choreographer for the Operas ‘The Coronation of Poppea,’ in the Opera Festival of Ancient Corinth and; ‘Sea Notes’ in Athens Megaron Theatre.  She has also danced in Erofile of Nikos Mamangakis, in Irodion Open Theatre in the Athens Festival and choreographed and performed the solo Escualo at the Theatre Elyze in Athens.

Béjart Ballet Lausanne, 2000

dancer, Lausanne, Switzerland, Touring in Europe, Canada, Latin-America, 2000-2001

Chocolate Cake, 2016

theatre play for children, choreograph, directed by Niki Tsetika, Knossos Theatre, Bad Crowd, Athens

Silk Women, 2015

theatre piece, movement director, directed by Vana Pefani, Underground, Athens.

Sea Notes, 2008

Gala of Opera, lead dancer, choreographer, directed by Maria Gyparaki, orchestred by Yorgos Petrou, Athens Megaron 2008

The Coronation of Poppea, 2008

choreographer, directed by Maria Gyparaki, orchestred by Yorgos Petrou, Festival of Opera  of Ancient Corinth 2008

Erofile Nikos Mamagkakis, 2003

dancer, choreographed by Natasha Zouka, directed by Maria Gyparaki, Irodion Open Theatre, Athens Festival 2003

Ιmago, 2002

soloist dancer, National Exposition of Switzerland Expo ’02, Switzerland 2002